How to: Make your own Matcha Latte.

I love matcha. It’s so caffeinated that it gives me just the right buzz. However it is very bitter, so a whole lotta agave syrup (or plain ol’ sugar) is required! This will get your morning off to a great start, or give you that push when it’s just one of those days. You don’t need an electric milk frother, but I highly recommend one!

All you need is:

1-2 Tsp. matcha powder

about 10 mls boiling water (or enough to make the matcha into a paste)

hot milk, enough to fill the cup to the top

agave nectar

I think I’ve basically given you the know-how through the ingredients list! Put your matcha in a cup and add enough boiling water to make a paste.




Add in the hot milk and froth it up.


Sweeten with your syrup and drink up!



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