Japanese Breakfast Special.

And golly is this special. If you want something to keep you full until lunch (or beyond!) then this is the breakfast for you. I had it this morning knowing I’d be at work from 9:30 til gone 3 without a lunch break, and when I got home, I still wasn’t hungry! It’s chock full of protein and, according to an Oxford review, having soup for breakfast “increase[s] satiety through delayed gastric emptying yet increased glycaemic response”. In a nut shell, soups keep you fuller for longer. I cheated with my soup and used a cup-a-soup type thingy, but if you really have the time to make your own miso soup in the morning, go for it!


This is my take on Japanese breakfast – real tamagoyaki includes dashi soup stock and mirin, but as I had neither in I didn’t include them. (Tamagoyaki is just a rolled omelette)

It’s quite hands-on, so be prepared to wait a little longer than pouring out a bowl of muesli! Also, and you’ll love this, the whole thing is about 300 calories. BOO YEAH.



1x instant miso soup

100g fresh salmon

For the tamagoyaki:

2 eggs

1 Tsp. sugar

1 1/2 Tsp. tamari (or sub soy sauce)

1/2 Tsp. rapeseed oil

To start, steam the fish. Whilst that is cooking, beat the eggs with a fork and add the sugar and tamari. Heat a non-stick pan with the oil and pour in the egg mixture when your fish is almost cooked (so it’s all ready at the same time). Click on the kettle. When the egg mixture is just set, roll the omelette and plate up. Place the salmon on the plate (with some optional spring onions) and pour the boiling water onto your instant miso soup. Dig in! Bonus points for eating the soup with chopsticks…




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