Sumac Pork Chops.

Sumac is a Middle Eastern berry that is crushed up and sold as a red spice powder. The flavour is quite distinctive, delivering a uniquely sour taste, and it’s widely available in health shops and large supermarkets. This barely counts as a recipe as it boasts of only 3 ingredients, but simplicity is beautiful in it’s own right. Plus, the fewer ingredients involved, the cheaper the dish! It’s easy to double up (or triple or whatever) and quick, perfect for a midweek meal.



2 pork chops

4 Tsp. sumac (1 Tsp. per side of pork)

Drizzle of olive oil

Come on guys. You can work out what to do! Heat a griddle pan on high. Drizzle the oil onto the porks and then the sumac, and rub in. Place the chops onto the hot griddle pan and cook for 7 minutes either side. Serve with a side salad and my amazing low carb mash! (Recipe here –





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