Chia Fresca.

I did a juice detox on one of the busiest days at work – what a mistake. I was lagging a bit towards 10pm (understandably I think!) and needed some fuel, but obviously caffeine is out of the question on a juice day. Damn my caffeine addiction!


I’d read this recipe (well found a lovely picture of it on pinterest and decided to give it a whirl myself) and it’s a natural energy drink originating from Mexico consisting of just 4 ingredients:

  • water
  • chia seeds
  • agave syrup
  • lemon juice

Basically, you mix 1-2 Tsp. chia seeds into a glass of really cold water, add a dash of agave and a squirt of lemon. It looks like little bugs floating in your water so it’s a great way to scare kids (not that I condone that… much). The chia seeds go all gelatinous so it’s easy to swallow with the water – however, this drink is definitely not one for people with texture issues! The seeds will either float at the top or sink to the bottom, so keep stirring!


ALSO – the chia seeds get majorly stuck in your teeth, so beware!



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