Gluten Free Chocolate Cake.

This was my aunt’s present to me when I went to stay with her when I went to Royal Ascot (really the thing I need before fitting in a little white dress – copious amounts of chocolate!). I saved it until afterwards, then I powered through it, like a beast.

We were so lucky this past weekend with the weather – barely a cloud in the sky. Ascot, as expected, was fabulous, but we were so preoccupied with the champagne and Pimm’s that we forgot to eat. Un-freaking-believable. But as you can imagine, when we got back and saw this, well, there was no question. We had to have some. And by some, I mean, most of it.

It uses a whopping 10 eggs so make sure you’ve popped down to your local farm shop for free range eggs for this. And you’ll need chocolate. Lots of lovely, lovely chocolate. Oh, and don’t forget your appetite.




10 eggs

3 oz cocoa

7 oz caster sugar



whisk yolks with caster sugar

sieve in cocoa

whisk egg whites to stiff peaks

fold in egg whites

divide between 3 8” sandwich tins

bake for 20 mins at 180C

(As you can probably tell, my aunt gave me this recipe whilst we were a little tipsy on champagne, hence the brevity of the method – well, at least it’s succinct!). She also made it again for my 21st birthday – that’s why we were on champers!




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