Vegan Ice Cream.


I’ve done it. I think I’ve done it! **insert evil laugh here**

And by that I mean created a guilt-free ice cream. GUILT FREE. Which of course means you can eat triple the amount. It’s science.

This ice cream has no cream, no milk, no added sugar, no nuttin’ except a whole lotta goodness! And that makes it vegan too!

Enjoy this treasure whenever you need some ice cream, but don’t want to hit the gym afterwards.



  • 1 banana, chopped
  • 450g frozen forest fruits (or frozen fruit of choice!)
  • 50-75ml coconut water


Pop the banana in the freezer and when it’s frozen, blitz it with the other frozen fruit in a food processor. THIS IS LOUD AND SCARY. But do not fear, it’s meant to be. You may need to wipe the sides to get all the fruit blitzed. Add the coconut water to make it smooth and enjoy in the sun with a good book.



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