Jamie Oliver’s Union Jacks at Covent Garden

My good friend Shirley is doing a tour of Europe before she returns home to Chile (boo!), so as London was on the list it was a good chance for a final goodbye.. **sniffles**

I had a long list of things she HAD to do: Buck House, London Eye, Parliament, the Natural History Museum, the British Museum… Let’s face it, you’re never bored in London.

As it turns out, though, we did none of that. We did however go to the West End to see War Horse (highly emotional and such amazing visuals!) and then dine in Covent Garden. I don’t think I’ve had a more chilled London experience, and it was perfect!

Shirley had a list of British foods to sample, such as fish and chips and sticky toffee pudding – and Jamie’s restaurant catered for both of these delights!

For starters I went for the ricotta and beetroot salad, with toffee hazelnuts – there was too much beetroot with no flavour (no dressing, salt, nada) but my, those hazelnuts were TO DIE FOR. I ate them up pretty damn fast.

Shirley went for a Cumberland sausage with bacon and wholegrain mushroom – very English! There was none left, so I take that for a good sign.

Mains. Shirley – fish and chips, of course. It wasn’t your traditional greasy chips out of a newspaper ordeal (which I must admit does add to the charm), but the fish looked nice enough, if a bit heavy on the batter. Shirley said the actual fish (haddock I believe) tasted a bit funky – metallic, almost.. Uh oh, Jamie..

I ordered the chicken caesar salad, and it was spectacular! I got a whole half a chicken! The skin was crispy and lovely and salty (salt is my weakness!), and the baby gem lettuce fresh and crisp, smothered in the dressing. Ten out of ten for me!

And even though we were pretty full (okay, we were stuffed), we decided to get dessert anyway – don’t judge. Shirley got her sticky toffee pudding (admittedly she couldn’t finish it, but that’s what happens when our eyes are bigger than our stomachs.. Just) but she loved it! 
I went for a Marathon bar ice cream (why they couldn’t just call it Snickers I’ve no idea..) and it was heavenly! 
According to Shirley it beat the Snickers ice cream she had in Rome – that’s some high praise indeed!



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