Chez Boris

For Sunday lunch, a feast of meat was in order, so of course that only leads to one option: Chez Boris.

Owned by the same guy who runs Tonton Bobby, I was hoping this would be more impressive as Chez Boris is a proper restaurant offering three courses, whereas Tonton Bobby only has the one. 

I ordered their last portion of snails which annoyed Dan no end, as they’d run out of frog’s legs as well (which shocked us a bit – they had barely any starters left!) so he just pinched a few of mine. Unusually, these came in a cream sauce (my goodness, it wasn’t a healthy weekend) which was a nice change from the normal garlic oil.

Then the speciality of Chez Boris – beef. It comes out just a slab of meat on a plate, then the waiters bring you bowls of salad in a gorgeous vinaigrette and bowls of the most divine and fattening chips cooked in beef dripping so you can help yourself. 

Most of us went for the steak, but Dan went for a burger and claimed it was the best he’d had. 

Unfortunately there was no room for dessert. 

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