Les Caves Jean Jaurès

Les Caves Jean Jaurès is a treasure of a restaurant, located in a side street just off Place Jean Jaurès, opposite a couple of lovely cocktail bars. And I have to say, this is probably the best meal I’ve ever had! 

Seeing as I was finishing my time in France, I decided to go the whole hog and have foie gras to start with – good choice, Philly. Just look at it! Served with a creamy mushroom sauce (SO healthy..) and crudité veggies, it was just the right amount for a starter. What was more impressive was that the wine was served according to what you chose off the menu! 
AJ’s starter of parma ham and roasted tomatoes with a parsnip purée.
The boys.
My main: scallops with a black risotto. Wish I had the recipe for this!

AJ’s main: rack of lamb with all the trimmings. Perf! 


If you do get a chance to go here, I do recommend it, though it’s not the cheapest of places – maybe a treat for a birthday or anniversary? 

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