Le chat perché

My time in Montpellier is up! How quickly a year goes by.. My family came out to pick me up and pack up my copious items of clothing (I ended up using 3 suitcases as well as having things in everyone’s hand luggage.. Whoops.) which of course involved delicious meals out – and I wasn’t paying for once!


Due to the strikes in France (quel surprise!) my family arrived a day late (a day of eating out missed… how sad) but thankfully the restaurant let me rearrange to the Saturday. This still left the Thursday, and we went to Le Chat Perché, recommended to me by my French friend, so it ought to be good!
For starters, I ordered the goat’s cheese tian but swapped with my uncle who ordered squid thinking it was something else as he doesn’t like squid – such a martyr, I know. But they were both nice – I had to pinch a taste of my original starter and I preferred that to the squid, but it was still rather tasty. My one complaint was that the cream was a bit flavourless – it just tasted of cream.
For mains, my aunt, cousin and I all ordered the duck brochettes and this was by far the star of the show! It was served with quinoa (which I’ve never been served in France), mashed potato and a mini frittata, which personally I could take or leave. But the duck was so juicy and perfectly cooked! 
A very nice first meal with the family, and the wine went down a treat! 

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