Tonton Bobby.

A new restaurant opened in Montpellier with just three things on the menu, all costing 20€: a burger, half a lobster or a lobster hot dog. Naturally I had to try it.


Owned by the same person who owns Chez Boris (there’s two in Montpellier and one in Paris), I was expecting big things – and I don’t just mean the size of the platter! Mat and I went for the half lobster, which came out super fast, with a side of chips, salad and a weird cheese dip. 

And I must admit, it wasn’t the best lobster I’ve had. It wasn’t overly warm when we got it, and lobster goes cold quickly anyway, so I was just eating cold lobster. That isn’t really a problem, but the dip was overpowering – a simple pot of melted butter would’ve sufficed. 


Helen went for the lobster hot dog, which was less of a hot dog and more of a salad sandwich according to her. She said it was nice, but at 20€ that is a VERY expensive sandwich.

Overall, it was good to have tried it, but I can definitively say that I shan’t be going back.. Which is such a shame as I love lobster! 

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