Le Nouveau Monde.

Sunday’s are normally hangover days for me in France as very little is open on a Sunday. The weekend Mat visited however the trams were playing up, so we couldn’t even go out on the Saturday, which left us with the question of what to do Sunday. We decided to go to the lake.

I’d never been to the lake before, so we recruited a group and headed off for a picnic (the sun did come out eventually!). 

That evening we decided to go to another restaurant, this one being recommended by a friend who’d gone there with her boyfriend. And there was a deal on – three courses for 26€. How could we refuse?!

Honestly, I’d have paid more for what we had – it was that good. To start, I had an aubergine charlotte, which I’d never had before. It was stuffed with a herbed cream cheese and served on an arrabiata sauce and to my surprise it was served cold. Which made you notice the flavours more. Which I loved. My goodness there was a party in my mouth. Even Mat, who is a self-professed meat lover, polished mine off when I couldn’t eat anymore and really enjoyed it! Oh how France can change a person..

Mat stuck to his adventurous streak and went for frog’s legs, which we both thought were nice but nothing special – a sort of fiddly, bland chicken, and a lot of work for little meat. Well at least he can cross it off his list.

My main of brochettes of prawns and ling fish was stunning. Juicy fish, served with fried potatoes and a warm green bean salad.. Definitely considered undoing the top button of my jeans to fit it all in!

Mat tried the veal, which again came with the fried potatoes and green beans. His veal, rare of course, was served in a pepper sauce with mushrooms which was spectacular – juicy, rich red meat with the bite of the pepper sauce. Delicious.

Unfortunately I was defeated by these two courses, but Mat powered on and ordered a mille-feuille with a chocolate and coffee mousse (which I may have tried.. I did. And I don’t regret it one bit!). 

All in all a very French meal, and a bloody good one at that!



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