La Poule au Pot

Mat’s visit was a weekend crammed with trying all the French foods. On the first day, he went through two pain au chocolats, a chocolate macaron, a canelé, a smoked salmon galette and a fro-yo, all before going out for a three-course meal.. Boy, that’s impressive. 

But what’s even more impressive was the meal itself. A 5* restaurant located in a side street near the main square, we were given a glass of Kir whilst we browsed the menu, which turned out to be a veritable delight! 



To begin, I had an oven roasted camembert with rosemary and thyme, served with new potatoes, whilst Mat, ever adventurous, wanted to try the foie gras. Major success for both of us! 
Each course came with a glass of wine, handpicked to accompany whatever you had ordered. Rather fancy indeed!
The main course was superb. Just look at the size of those prawns! I felt so un-ladylike though de-shelling them and ending up with saucy fingers in a place like that, but a girl’s gotta eat! Cooked in a basil and pesto oil, served with diced vegetables and mashed potato… I seriously recommend this place!
Mat chose magret de canard, which he polished off quite easily (bar the plums – far too healthy), whilst exclaiming that French food is much better than German food.. 

Sorry, Germany, you stick to making cars and organising things, we’ll stick to the food. 

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