Le restaurant Duo

Exams over, sun shining and to top it off – a visit from one of my best friends! We lunched in my favourite restaurant in the main square (Le Café Riche) once Char arrived, ordered a cheeky bottle of vino and didn’t stop talking as we wandered around Montpellier!

Saturday evening we decided to go to a restaurant, and this one I’d wanted to go to for a while: Le Duo. 

Everything on the menu screamed delicious, but unfortunately I would be judged if I’d ordered it all, so I settled with a starter of vegetable tagine with goat’s cheese and garlic. It was so fresh and tasty, just the thing for a hot summer’s evening.

Char opted for the goat cheese spring rolls (we’re notorious cheese fiends!) which went down a treat.

For mains, I ordered the speciality of the restaurant – a cheese risotto partnered with fresh squid. Although it was really nice, I expected a little more pizzazz to the house special – it fell a little short in my opinion. But then again, a mediocre meal in France is still going to be damn good!

Char went for lamb on a bed of mashed potatoes with a red fruit jus and basil oil – even thinking about it makes me feel hungry.

Then arguably the most important part – dessert. I went for a duo (get it?!) of pannacottas which were just lovely! One was vanilla, the other a summer fruit concoction – the perfect end to a lovely day with the bestie! 


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