Burger et Blanquette, Montpellier

For my best friend’s Megan’s 21st I treated her to flights to come visit me in the good old south of France. 


She loved it! And who can blame her! She tried her first ever macaron (right), we explored, we shopped, we laughed.. It was such a lovely weekend! 
I’ve never seen my fridge so full!
And of course we ate.
We decided to have one main evening meal out (the other night was just MADE for going out!) so we headed off to Burger et Blanquette, a place I’d tried to go before but it’s always heaving – I made sure I booked this time.
We dolled ourselves up and headed off into town. 


A simple menu, consisting of Burgers: many different types of burgers (beef, chicken, fish) and then with an array of accompaniments, or Blanquette: salads, fish dishes, steak etc. 
Meg’s went for the Burger Savoyard, comprising of cheese, bacon, a hash brown (in the bun!), parsley cream and garnish, served with chips. 
Hands down the best chips of my life. 
I stole the parsley cream as a sauce for my chips as white sauce isn’t really Meg’s thing, and my oh my is she missing out (more for me!)
I ended up going for the Chicken Caesar Salad with a side of chips, and it was not only tasty, but massive! And at only 15€ it was definitely value for money.
We left full, slightly merry, and with no burning hole in our pockets.
I highly recommend this place (I’d love to go back!), but make sure you book!

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