Happy Easter, everyone!

The weather was miserable here in the south of France (whodda thunk?!), so the only reasonable thing to do, once demolishing chocolate by the bucketload? A meal out. 

We ended up in this adorable restaurant called Le Gargantua, a quaint yet fairly formal restaurant near Corum in Montpellier. And they had a menu deal going on, which bumps it up further in my books! 
We quickly ordered the wine, because, you know, it’s wine, and clinked ‘happy easter’ to each other, then got stuck into deciding on what to eat. 
The choice was so vast! I was torn between the scallop cassolette (Cassolette de noix de St Jacques à la bretonne) or the duck salad with extra yummies, (Salade périgourdine (gésiers et magret fumé de canard, lardons, noix) which I ended up going for. I tell you, despite not being expensive, they are certainly not stingy with their portion sizes!
After completing our entree, the main event arrived: for me, that was saffron risotto with scallops. Hummina hummina. 
Quite simply, divine. It was so good in fact, I didn’t need dessert (which is pretty unheard of), although Helen and Belinda went on full-steam (credit where credit’s due!)
Helen had a chocolate coulant with ice cream and strawbs – oh it’s nearly summer!

Whereas Belinda opted for the nougat glacé with red fruit coulis. 
I hope you all had a lovely Easter and ate lots of delicious foods/chocolate! 

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