Nothing quite like a cocktail…

As you may well know, cocktails are my vice (along with shopping, food, etc). But basically, they’re my downfall.

So here’s a roundup of some of the cocktails I’ve had in my time in France! I just hope I can remember what’s in them so as to recreate them.. Somehow I think remembering things and alcohol just don’t mix..

Le Parfait, from La Fabrik.
And my good-ness, it is perfect. Tasting kind of like gummy sweets, it’s the right amount of alcohol to get you slightly merry but not be able to taste the alcohol – very dangerous, but so worth it. Go on, live vicariously!
Helen – Strawberry daiquiri 

Me – Martini Royale

In this instance, I preferred the slushiness and sweetness of Helen’s daiquiri to my rather potent martini, though the champagne in it was a definite bonus!
I don’t know if you can count these next two as cocktails.. They are twists on the Kir Royale, but instead of using Kir I went for a lychee liqueur, and Alice went for a lavender one. Just what the doctor ordered after an exam! 

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