Quick moan.

You would not believe how hard it is in my student digs here in France to not have an oven. Or a microwave. Or a toaster. I must admit, not only have my meals become monotonous (think lots of salad and cup-a-soups) but I’ve been eating out more than I should as well. But I think that’s acceptable. At least I’m telling myself that. 

However I got to breaking point and just had to make something amazing. And though this is only a burger, compared to my usual cup-a-soups or Snickers bars for lunch (don’t judge), this was amazing.

So simple it’s laughable, but with only two pans I think it’s a fair effort. And only being here for a year my herbs are, well, non-existent. But here it is! My burger with fried onions, melted leerdammer on ciabatta (unfortunately not toasted) with boil-in-the-bag chips (no, I’d never heard of them either) with a sprinkling of baby spinach for garnish. Not my healthiest meal I’ll admit, but a damn good one for a rainy Sunday.



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