Megan’s 21st.

Goodness, we’re all getting old. Seems like only yesterday we were panicking about GCSEs, or even taking the 11+. Boy, how time flies. 


Megan’s birthday! 21. The big 2-1. Legal to do EVERYTHING now. Drink in America. Become a politician (though the question of ‘why’ still lingers). And of course, birthdays mean celebrations: friends, food and cocktails!
Megz decided she wanted Damons – an American diner style restaurant whose building is actually shaped like spare ribs – no joke. 
It’s so popular that even if you’ve booked you still have to wait a while for your table, but thankfully there’s a separate cocktail bar inside, so that was no problem for us!
After being so overwhelmed with choice (the menu is whopping!), Megz went for the famous onion loaf, whilst I went for a Spanish prawn salad. A good shout by both of us! 
But my goodness, look at the amount of food we had for our main! The leftover onion loaf (it is pretty big!), BBQ ribs and chips for Megz, and I went for gammon, pineapple and garlic mashed potato. We were in heaven!
And it didn’t stop there, because no birthday is complete without gooey, rich chocolate cake! 

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