Tom’s 21st birthday.

It was Tom’s birthday 24th December, so of course I went to visit him – and I can tell you, I was spoiled rotten.

Deciding he wanted to do something memorable for his 21st, understandably, we embarked upon a tasting menu at Aumbry, something neither of us have done before. And my word was it memorable. Located near Manchester, foodies are known to make a pilgrimage there, even from London! 


We were treated to a sweet, cold herbal tea   
to kickstart the
meal, followed by a homemade scotch egg, stuffed with black pudding.

Then smoked mackerel with a celeriac, beetroot and mustard cream (and of course, freshly made bread).

Swiftly followed by hare in jus (photo is in the pre-jus stage!) –>

Then poached Hake, Red cabbage, radish and cockles and mussels. A bit salty for my tastes, but Tom polished both of ours off.

The piece de resistance arrived, and admittedly the course I was most excited for – the slow cooked, milk-fed goat. I was not disappointed! The succulent meat accompanied with a cabbage concoction and beetroot jus was just divine.
What a mess I’ve made! I must admit, the sound of this did not appeal to me. Grapefruit posset (I’m not the biggest fan of grapefruit at the best of times) with celery granita (yep, you read that right) and grapefruit sherbet. But you know what? It worked. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but my god, I’d have it again.

After some more desserts (which as you can see I dug straight into the mince pie on the right) and some complementary ice cream balls, we were well and truly stuffed!
If you do get the chance to, do go – they offer a nine course tasting menu (which is what we did) and a six course one. Though not cheap, it’s definitely something to do for an occasion, such as we did. And no 21st is complete without champagne! 

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