La girafe.

For Christmas, my friend and I went for our monthly meal out – this time for a Christmassy celebration to La Girafe. And my goodness were we in for a treat.

Set in the charming area near the Arc de Triomphe, just set back from the main road of Rue Foch (pronounced fock – don’t laugh now, children) we found La Girafe, with it’s clean white walls and alcoves – and many statues of giraffes. 

Being in France, I of course went for snails, though these were done out of the shell in the creamy, garlic butter, with added oyster mushrooms thrown in for good measure, whilst Alice had black olive tapenade on red mullet fillets, wrapped in pastry. Yum!
Next up, I went for the fish with roasted veggies (trying to be good before the Christmas bulge) and Alice opted for lamb confit. But it was the dessert which stole the show!
White chocolate and speculoos tiramisu – if you can’t tell from that face, it was most definitely heavenly!                  
We left full and happy, prepared for the other goodies Christmas had to offer!

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