Oh Erasmus, you marvellous thing, enabling me to visit my friends all over Europe and not pay for hotels.. Genius. 

I went to Heidelberg with Alice to visit Matt. It was such a lovely weekend in a sweet, little town. They have a Christmas shop open all year round. ALL YEAR ROUND. I was ecstatic; Matt less so. It was also a helluva lot warmer than I expected in November, which was fab. 

But of course, being in Germany means sampling the German foods, and believe it or not, I’d never have currywurst. So that was what I did first. 

And I’m sorry to report, I just didn’t like it. The sausage, fine. The watery ketchup sauce with a sprinkling of curry powder? That’s a no-go for me, I’m afraid. But at least I can say I tried it.

Then Matt showed me some other delicacies he’s found whilst living there:

Super Dickmann’s.. They’re Super.

 And, if your German is a tad rusty, this is Black Man’s Chocolate. I don’t think political correctness has quite hit Germany yet..

Then I made Matt sample a schneeball – a huge, hollow dough ball coated in a variety of flavours: Matt went for caramel. 

Doesn’t look the easiest thing to eat, I grant you, but apparently it tasted good.

What didn’t taste good on the other hand was this: 
chocolate beer. 

For me, France is higher on the whole food, gourmet yumminess, but it’s nice to have some variety and try new things, before walking off into the sunset.. Or is that just us?


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