It’s quite handy how close everything is in the south of France, and even handier having my friends in the south too! Obviously, only one thing could ensue – a weekend away! 

After making the most of the weather by watching the boat races, we went for a meal at a little place called L’epice and love, a gem of a restaurant which, had I not known people who lived there, my friends the locals, I would never have stumbled upon.

To start with, I decided on a parma ham salad, with roasted peppers. Nom! And I was so impressed with the main that I didn’t even stop to take a photo (though if you really cared I had an amazing lamb tagine!).

But by far the star of the show were the desserts – look at these bad boys!

Em’s fondant in a pool of white chocolate
My figs and cream
Carly’s flan

Then the worst part of the night.. The bill! 

“How much?!” (No it wasn’t expensive to eat there, but there were about 9 of us!)

But they gave us sweeties which is always a bonus!


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