240 Union, Denver

It was a snowy, cold, miserable day in Denver, Colorado. We had planned to go up the Mount Evans, a mountain in the Rockies, which is the highest road in the world (I am told!) at 14,000 feet! But of course, not a good idea in the snow. The only thing to lift our spirits was to go out for lunch. 

Just off a highway, this unobtrusive place is renowned as one of the top restaurants in the Denver area, so of course I had to see (and taste!) it for myself.
Surprise, surprise, I went for the fish: blackened salmon served with asparagus, a freshly made pesto jus and topped with an egg on a bed of celeriac mash. A mouthful to say, an even better mouthful to eat!
My dad and step-mum went for a lobster melt, topped with American crispy bacon. Jealousy flowed through my veins a touch, I can tell you!

Honestly, I can see why this is one of the top places. The relaxed atmosphere makes you feel welcome, not on edge like in some of the fancier places, but the food really does do the talking.

But look how much snow had fallen whilst we were out at lunch! Incroyable! 




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