Bordeaux #2

Seeing as we were only there for a short weekend, there was no point in being frugal, especially when it came to food (although if you know me, frugal is NOT my middle name). Our second night we ended up going to one of Char’s old colleague’s for dinner which was so kind of them, and we had an amazing homemade curry. 

So for our last meal we wanted something special. And for some unknown reason, this caught our eye..

Yeah, I don’t get why either.. 

They gave us this antipasti for free as well as a free glass of bubbly. Definitely a good choice. 

When the mains came out we realised why. The sheer size of them! I have a good appetite, and even I couldn’t finish. 

Normally it’s quality over quantity, but when there’s this much and it’s this good, I have no qualms whatsoever! 

I also went for pasta, but with prawns – seafood is my weakness. 

Told you I love prawns.. I seem to be trying to kiss that one.

After a long but magical weekend, we were pooped.


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