Bordeaux #1

My friend Char spent her ‘gap yah’ teaching in Bordeaux, and so I was honoured when she asked me to accompany her on a trip back there to see her old students and the city she spent a year of her life in. There was always the bonus of French food and cheap wine.

Bordeaux is a treasure trove of old buildings mixed with new art work – opposite this fountain was an eternity fountain overlooking the lake. Breathtaking! There’s so much to do here, from the tour bus (yes, we were proper tourists and hopped on that beast) to browsing the shops (not complaining here) or even a wine tour (unfortunately we missed out on that. Next time..)

You can see how important food and wine is to the French as soon as you step off the plane – look at the size of that wine bottle by the conveyor belts! Unfortunately is was empty.. Not that I could drink all that or whatever.. Hmm.
Lunch obviously had to be typically French, so we headed to Char’s old favourite creperie where we had galettes. Mine was filled with goat’s cheese and honey, whereas Char went classic with ham and cheese.

But dinner is always the meal with the attitude, and our first meal out was no exception. We rather splurged the first night, but thankfully it was worth it.

Char had a three cheese risotto..

I had a trio of fish – salmon, red mullet and scallops


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