Pizza and Paella

Tenerife. When you think of Tenerife, you think clubbing, Brits abroad, general tackiness (at least I did). Thankfully, in the Golf del Sol, you miss all of this. We were smack bang in the middle of the locals, and if it weren’t for the other tourists on our resort, we wouldn’t have realised we were in a ‘hot spot’. 

On to the important things: food. One of the first meals we went out for, Dan and I decided to have paella: “when in Rome” and all that jazz. 

This was the first plateful – it was served in a proper Spanish manner of that huuuuuge metal dish which was set at a table next to us it was that big, and the waiter kept topping us up. I didn’t complain.

Nat and Tom both went for pizza, with that marvellously thin base – I was slightly jealous. 

Dan and Nat then had desserts, Tom had some fun with a napkin and we headed off home to drink on our balcony.

Yes, that IS a paper napkin..



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